Help Research

Over the years, we still can’t find the cure for autism. Experts and researchers are not giving up and no one should. Let’s help each other and be a part of discovering the cure. We need support to continue finding the antidote. Here are some organizations that are striving to find that cure. Let’s help them out.


1. Autism Society of America –

Autism Society of America is an organization that helps people with autism and fight for their rights. One of the few institutions that are living by what they preach. They have members who have the Autism Spectrum Disorder. You can help in different ways.

Via Phone: 1-800-328-8476

Via Mail:
Autism Society of America
4340 East West Hwy Suite 350
Bethesda, MD 20814

Visit the link to know more about how you can give a helping hand at


2. Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation –

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation helps families through several types of programs like Scholarships, Awareness Project, Holiday Gift Card Program and a lot more. Support their advocacy thru Paypal, Bank Account, Credit card and check donations. You can send it to:

Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation
228 W. Lincoln Highway 301
Schererville, IN 46375

Know more about how you can help at


3. Autism Research Institute –

Autism Research Institute funds research to help improve the process of diagnosing autism, treatments and even how we can prevent autism. Share the vision they have by giving out help.

Your help can go a long way. Check it at