Are Vaccines Really Correlated With Child Autism?


A lot of people are concerned that vaccines have something to do with autism. There has been a thorough study from the Institute of Medicine way back 2011 that these vaccines are safe. As per additional studies made, they found out that the substance produced from children that have been vaccinated are just the same with kids that have Autism Spectrum Disorder and the children that don’t have it.

There has been a vaccine ingredient that caused a lot of commotion. The thimerosal, which is mercury based. Through all the studies they made they haven’t found any link that these vaccines cause Autism Spectral Disorder to children. Even though it has been proven they still remove or reduce the thimerosal in vaccines because it is still mercury based and we have to avoid exposure from it. These days the only vaccine that has a minimal amount of thimerosal is the flu vaccine.


It is not wrong for us to worry that some things are affecting the development of autism, but vaccines are also important to keep our young ones safe. So far, they have done certain actions to eliminate the fears we have about the vaccines. Let’s just remember that the vaccines were made with one thought in mind. It is to save kids from the deadly diseases that have killed thousands of people before. It is not wrong to be careful because as a parent, our children’s safety is always and will always be our priority. Let’s erase the fear in our minds. Without proper precautionary vaccines are children will be prone and at risk of getting Rubella, Mumps or Measles. We have found a cure to prevent these diseases from harming our kids. Hopefully, we can soon get a medical breakthrough in discovering a way to treat and prevent autism.