GCSMSAF is an online magazine that talks all about autism. We are here to spread awareness and understanding to everyone. We are the number one magazine that every parent trusts. GCSMSAF is a magazine that understands what a parent with a child diagnosed with autism has to go through. We also focus on the needs of everyone who has autism.

GCSMSAF started through a very personal interaction with someone who has autism. We know it’s never easy, and there is a high need of patience and understanding. We help parents cope up and be stronger. GCSMSAF wants to share the life changing experiences we had. The road is never easy and will never be. We want to show the world the toughest parents emotionally and psychologically on how they help their children every step of the way. We understand the need to protect these unique children.

GCSMSAF understand that the need of every child with autism is different. We aim to stop the discrimination for those who have autism. We are the voice of every child with autism condition. Through us, the world can understand them better.

Let GCSMSAF led the way for people to know that every child has their right and it doesn’t matter if they have autism.