6 Facts About Autism That Most People Don’t Know


We, like most people, know too little about autism. Most of us think that it is just a disorder, but we failed to understand things about it. It’s important that we are aware of things about autism so that we can understand those people who are enduring it. Here are six facts that most of us don’t know.

1. Numbers Are Going Up

Autism is more common these days compared a decade ago. It could be considered a breakout but this the result of people being aware. Autism is now being reported and diagnosed.

2. Early Diagnosis

Although there has been no accurate test to diagnose autism, doctors rely on the behavior to detect it. Through continuous research, doctors are more aware than they used to.

3. Genetics

After series of study and research, experts opt out that the cause of autism is due to psychological factors but more on the genes.

4. Vaccine Don’t Cause Autism

Vaccines given to children for Mumps, Rubella and Measles are being done through the first twelve to fifteen months of the child. With or without the vaccines, symptoms of autism start to develop within this period as well.

5. Large Head Is A Sign

If your children develop to have larger heads than normal within six to fourteen months of age, there is a huge possibility that your child has autism. It’s not a basis of diagnosis but as per the series of studies made, fast brain growth is a sign that a child could have autism. It can help if you can always ask your pediatrician to measure the circumference of your baby’s head.

6. Early Treatment

It is true that there has been no cure yet for autism. The treatment that a child can receive as soon as possible is significant for their development. An autism patient can benefit learning lots of skills that they can have trouble if left unattended. It can help a child to have a more regular interaction towards others.

An individual with autism deserves to have the chance to live and learn like the other people. It’s their right like everyone else.